The Bioethics Lab

The Bioethics Lab at BEI, is the engine behind Bioethics International’s work. The lab develops system interventions that drive meaningful improvements in healthcare innovation and delivery. It is staffed with full-time ethicists, data scientists and researchers who help:

  1. Map ethics concerns about healthcare systems and institutions, focusing on issues that could adversely impact patient and/or global public health
  2. Develop ethical standards that can be reasonably asked of stakeholders to help remedy ethics concerns
  3. Measure and benchmark performance of healthcare systems, institutions, and products against ethics and legal standards
  4. Identify best practices and root causes of inferior practices
  5. Create knowledge exchange platforms so healthcare executives and institutions can learn how to improve their performance and implement better policies and procedures
  6. Develop and test reform strategies to help remedy problems in healthcare institutions and systems, so they can better advance patient and global public health.

We are currently focused on five ethical issues related to healthcare innovation and delivery:



If you have a project for the Bioethics Lab at BEI, would like your institution’s integrity performance assessed, or would like to come work with us, please contact us at: