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National Health Council, 2022 Science of Patient Engagement Symposium

October 19, 2022October 20, 2022

The National Health Council hosts its 2022 Science of Patient Engagement Symposium, From Research to Action: Health Equity for All. Over the past ears, the COVID-19 pandemic has upended the world and magnified health inequities among historically underrepresented racial/ethnic groups. The science of understanding the patient has never been more important. Health equity research, where diverse patients are at the core of scientific inquiry, is imperative to tackling inequities.  BEI’s Founder, Jennifer E. Miller, PHD, will Keynote on Trust in Medical Research.


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Pharmaceutical Executive Bioethics Roundtable

June 9, 2022 9am-4:15pm

This year’s bioethics roundtable, our 12th!, is hosted by Deloitte and will focus on equity and social responsibility in the bio-pharmaceutical sector and debut our new Good Pharma Scorecard (GPS) rankings on diversity and fair inclusion in research.

When: June 9, 2022 – 9am-4:15pm ET

Where: Deloitte’s NYC Offices

BI Roundtable Flyer


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Balancing Economics and Ethics: How Can VA/HTA Support Equitable Resource Allocation?

September 21, 2020 1:00PM-2:15PM EDT

ISPOR and the Innovation and Value Initiative (IVI) are collaborating—with help from an expert advisory committee—to define a series of dialogues that highlight key challenges confronting HEOR methodologists, patients, clinicians, and policy-makers during the COVID-19 pandemic. The webinar series will explore multiple viewpoints and focus on potential pathways for solutions in international and U.S.-focused health technology assessment and value assessment (VA/HTA).


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DIA Facilitating Access: Patients’ perspectives on a streamlined development approach to treatments for debilitating diseases

June 23, 2019June 27, 2019

Panelists will explore the pros and cons of the pathway from the patient perspective and learn about how regulators and sponsors may help facilitate the development of critically needed treatments.  This discussion will introduce a streamlined approach to early-stage development of therapies to address severely debilitating or life-threatening diseases and consider the potential value of a global regulatory approach.

Location: San Diego, CA


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2019 Brain Health and Performance Summit

June 5, 2019June 7, 2019

Dr. Jennifer E. Miller answers “Whose Data Is It” question.

This 75-minute session will look at the ethical considerations, legal aspects, coaching perspectives and athletic viewpoints related to ownership of sports biometric data. This session will be moderated by Jeremy Abbate from Scientific American.

Location: Columbus, Ohio


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Harvard Book Launch: Transparency in Health & Health Care in the United States

September 16, 2019May 16, 2019

In June 2019, Cambridge University Press published Transparency in Health and Health Care in the United States, a volume, edited by Holly Fernandez Lynch, I. Glenn Cohen, Carmel Shachar, and Barbara J. Evans, with a chapter on clinical trial transparency and data sharing by Jennifer Miller (Founder of Bioethics International and an Assistant Professor at Yale) stemming from Harvard’s Petrie-Flom Center’s 2017 conference, on this health policy buzzword, recognizing its true limitations, so that transparency can be utilized as a solution to pressing health policy issues.  Jennifer E. Miller will speak on a panel with Glenn Cohen and Holly Fernandez Lynch


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