Bioethics International’s Good Pharma Scorecard

Our Good Pharma Scorecard (GPS) ranks all new FDA-approved drugs and large pharma companies on their ethics, value, and global public health performance--- beginning with clinical trial transparency. Learn More
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The Bioethics Lab at BEI

Bioethics International researchers are available to support and enhance projects related to the advancement of system interventions that drive meaningful improvement in healthcare innovation, global public health, and access to medicines. Learn More

Our Mission

Our mission is to advance human health by addressing the ethics, governance, and trustworthiness of healthcare innovation. Currently, we focus on the roles of pharmaceutical companies and regulators in advancing global public health.

Current activities address the ethics and patient-centeredness of: (1) clinical trial designs, (2) clinical trial conduct, particularly in middle and low income countries, (3) clinical trial transparency and data-sharing, and (4) drug pricing and accessibility.