Does It Really Matter if the Pharma Industry Is or Is Not Trustworthy? With Dr. Jennifer Miller, Founder of Bioethics International and Creator of Good Pharma Scorecard, August 17, 2017

It seems that Pharma has a reputation for putting profits over patients. I know, you’re floored by this newsflash so let’s move on to the more interesting question – why does this matter?


A Surprising Amount of Medical Research Isn’t Made Public. That’s Dangerous.

Vox, August 1, 2017

When the results of clinical trials aren’t made public, the consequences can be dangerous – and potentially deadly. Consider the case of the anti-depressant Paxil…

Drug Makers Fund More Compassionate Use Programs Than You May Think, July 31, 2017

Patient advocates have long complained that drug and device makers do not make enough experimental medicines available, but a new study finds that the industry funds most trials that aim to get such products to patients…

76% of Experimental Medicines Provided to Very Ill Patients in Expanded Access Programs Receive FDA Marketing Approval, New Study Finds, July 31, 2017

Bioethics International today announced the publication of a new study, showing the FDA marketing approval rate of experimental drugs provided to patients through the FDA’s expanded access programs, in BMC Research Notes

NGO Perspective On Open Trial Access: What You Measure, Gets Done
InVivo, William Looney, May 10, 2017
The NGO advocacy community is another force in moving the needle on open access to trial data. Bioethics International is currently the leading player….

fiercebiotechReport Cards Could be Just What Pharma Needs to Get Back to Respectability
FierceBiotech, February 1, 2017
In 1997, 79% of people in the U.S. believed pharma companies were honest and ethical. Today that percentage has plummeted to just 10%. But one researcher has an idea about how to reverse the slide…

BioSpace Good Pharma Scorecard: Pharma’s Worst Fear or Newest Ally?, Steve Zisson, September 26, 2016
It’s time for pharmaceutical companies to start trusting someone on transparency and maybe Bioethics International is as good a place as any to start. Bioethics International is set to release the second iteration of its Good Pharma Scorecard that ranks life science companies on clinical trials transparency. Biotech and pharma companies should brace themselves for more bad news even though some companies already got early looks at the results. The negative news is something companies should be used to by now and it is time to get past it….

MedCity Faster Registration, More Transparency Punctuate New HHS Clinical Trial Final Rule
MedCity News, Josh Baxt, September 22, 2016
The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) issued its final rule on submitting registration and summary results to In a nutshell, the new guidelines define which clinical trials must be registered and when, how results should be reported (and when) and potential enalties for non-compliance….

Forbes interviews Bioethics International’s Founder on the Good Pharma Scorecard, August 17, 2016
Today several pharmaceutical companies are set to meet with New York University assistant professor Jennifer Miller to find out how they scored on her soon-to-be released Good Pharma Scorecard—a comprehensive ranking that will show how effective they are at communicating results from clinical trials that lead up their drugs getting approved by the FDA….

Strengthening Research through Data Sharing How Much do we Know about New Drugs?  Senator Warren cites BEI’s Good Pharma Scorecard in NEJM, August 4, 2016
Senator Elizabeth Warren emphasizes the importance of data sharing for improving  medicine and the integrity of clinical trial systems, and cites BEI’s BMJ Open paper & Good Pharma Scorecard Rankings as evidence.

How Much do we Know about New Drugs?  NPR interviews Jennifer Miller on the Good Pharma Scorecard, August 1, 2016

460>_11207060NPR’s Dr. Moira Gunn and Dr. Jennifer Miller, Founder and President of Bioethics International and a professor at NYU Medical School, talk about the Good Pharma Scorecard.

In Clinical Trials, For-profit Review Boards Are Taking Over For Hospitals. Should They?, July 6, 2016

For years, ethicists warned medical researchers that paying businesses to evaluate their clinical trials was a bad idea…

Biden Threatens Funding Cuts For Researchers Who Fail To Report Clinical Trial Results, June 29, 2016

At a national cancer summit Wednesday, Vice President Joe Biden threatened to cut funds to medical research institutions that don’t report their clinical trial results in a timely manner…

Creating Benchmarks For Ethical Pharma (PDF),
June 29, 2016

tplJennifer Miller is the founding president of Bioethics International (BEI), a US-based non-profit organization…

Laura and John Arnold Foundation Announces $3.6 Million Grant To Increase Clinical Trial Transparency For FDA Approved Drugs and Interventions., May 17, 2016

ljafThe Laura and John Arnold Foundation (LJAF) announced a $3.6 million grant to Bioethics International. The funding will allow the nonprofit group to…

Bioethics International’s Good Pharma Scorecard Publication Selected as BMJ Open Editors’ Pick for 2015, Feb. 11, 2016

PRNEWSBioethics International, a not-for-profit organization focused on the ethics and governance of how medicines are researched, developed, marketed and made accessible to patients…

Non-profit Works to Keep Tabs on Big Pharma, Monday, January 25, 2016

NY1-video-012516The pharmaceutical industry is consistently ranked as one of the least liked industries in the country, with many Americans questioning the ethics of big pharma companies. One non-profit group hopes to bring some much needed accountability to the sector…

French Debacle Renews Concern About Clinical Trial Secrecy, Jan. 20, 2015

The death of a French volunteer in a clinical trial renewed concerns about the lack of public reporting of results of such early-stage human studies…

Podcast: A Scorecard to Improve Drugmakers’ Transparency

The Bio Report, Nov. 25, 2015

How Pharma Keeps a Trove of Drug Trials Out of Public View
The Washington Post, Nov. 12, 2015

washpostA third of the clinical trial results that federal regulators reviewed to approve drugs made by large pharmaceutical companies in 2012 were never publicly reported, according to a new study that grades companies on their transparency….

Drugmakers Kept One-Third of Trial Results Secret, Study Finds
Bloomberg News, Nov. 12, 2015

bloombergPharmaceutical companies including Gilead Sciences Inc. and Sanofi kept secret more than a third of all clinical trial results for 15 drugs approved in 2012, according to a study…

Study Finds Big Pharma Skirts Laws, Ethical Standards in Keeping Trial Data Secret
Boston Business Journal, Nov. 12, 2015

bostonEight years after a federal law required most drug trials to be made public, fully one third of all trial results from a sampling of drugs developed by big pharma and approved in 2012 remain a secret from almost everyone, according to a study published today….


Biopharmas (Mostly) Meet Mandatory Trial Reporting But Fall Flat Voluntarily
BioWorld Today, Nov. 12, 2015

bioworldThe decade-old drumbeat for clinical trials transparency grew louder with release of a paper in BMJ Open about the dearth of voluntary data reporting – sometimes even from late-stage trials – on drugs that were subsequently approved…..

BMJ Publishes ‘Transparency Scorecard’
BioCentury, Nov. 12, 2015

biocenturyIn a study published Thursday in The BMJ, researchers from not-for-profit organization Bioethics International and colleagues concluded that disclosures of trial data for new drugs “remain below legal and ethics standards.” The authors…

medcityGilead, Sanofi Would Tank in Bioethics International’s New Good Pharma Scorecard
MedCity News, Nov. 12, 2015

Today, we celebrate the advent of a “Good Pharma Scorecard” from New York-based nonprofit Bioethics International – and for good reason…

fiercebiotechUPDATED: Gilead, Sanofi Singled Out As Worst Offenders In Failing To Disclose Trial Data
FierceBiotech, Nov. 12, 2015

When it comes to publishing a full set of trial data on new drugs, the biopharma industry overall has a poor record on transparency, according to a new report from a bioethics watchdog group…

Pharmaceutical Scorecard Shames Giants Over Research Cover-ups
The Australian, Nov. 12, 2015

Scientists have created a new league table to shame pharmaceutical giants into disclosing the results of clinical trials. The “Good Pharma Scorecard”, published overnight in the journal BMJ Open, ranks biomedical corporations on their transparency when they introduce new drugs.

New Report Shows Evidence of Poor Clinical Trial Data Disclosure In FDA Applications
The Pharma Letter, Nov. 12, 2015

Study Finds Big Pharma Inconsistent With Disclosure of Clinical Trial Data
European Pharmaceutical Review, Nov. 12, 2015

Drug Firms Far From Transparent With Trial Data Watchdog Group Finds
Seeking Alpha, Nov. 12, 2015

Five Things For Pharma Marketers To Know
Medical Marketing & Media, Nov. 12, 2015

Will New Rules to Toughen Reporting of Trial Results Make a Difference?
Wall Street Journal, Dec. 5, 2014

Push for Data Disclosure
The Scientist, Nov. 21, 2014

US Government Cracks Down on Clinical Trials Reporting
Nature, Nov. 19, 2014

New Ethics Fellow to Research Transparency in Health Care
Duke Chronicle, Sept. 29, 2014

Moira Gunn Interviews Dr. Jennifer Miller on the Ethics of Clinical Trial
NPR’s BioTechNation, Aug. 31, 2014
(podcast, start at minute 35)

Ice Bucket Challenge Nets Millions for ALS Charity
CBS, Aug. 18, 2014

Rating Companies’ Global Health Footprint
Harvard University, Dec. 9, 2013
(video, start at minute 18)

BEI’s Ethics Panel for BIO’s International Convention 
BioProcess International, March 2010

Bioethicist’s Work Bridges Science, Law, and Religion
Science, June 5, 2009


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