The Good Pharma Scorecard—Overview

Our Good Pharma Scorecard (GPS) ranks large pharma companies and every new FDA approved drug on key ethics, human rights, and public health criteria. We focus on 5 areas:


Our 1st scorecard ranked drugs approved by the FDA in 2012, along with their company sponsors, on clinical trial transparency.  Clinical trials contain all the safety and efficacy information for new drugs. We wanted to see if there was any missing or misleading information for new drugs. We reviewed medicines and vaccines that treat HIV, TB, breast cancer, rare diseases, pediatric meningitis, and many other conditions.  We found:


of trial results per drug are publicly unavailable


1/2 of all drugs have an unreported phase II or III trial


2 companies disclosed all trial results for their 2012 FDA approved drugs


positive results are 2x more likely to be published than negative results


The Good Pharma Scorecard was a BMJ Open Editors’ Pick for 2015.

BMJ Open Editors voted GPS as a top 2015 article. It was their 2nd most read!


We ranked drugs and companies by both legal and ethics transparency standards. See the Scores For Each Drug and Company:
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