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BEI Update 3: Expanded Access, interns, and working w patient groups

Here is our 2 week update on BEI’s progress advancing ethics, transparency and patient-centricity in the the pharmaceutical sector: Our paper characterizing expanded access programs for experimental drugs (also known as compassionate use) was accepted into BMC. The paper is co-authored by Jennifer Miller, Arthur Caplan, Ken Moch, and Joseph Ross. Two new summer interns […]

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BEI update 2: 2014 GPS transparency rankings submitted to journal, data-sharing standards, new team members

These last two weeks Bioethics International (BEI) has been busy advancing ethics, transparency and patient-centricity in the pharmaceutical sector, by: Submitting our 2014 Good Pharma Scorecard (GPS) rankings for review and publication in a medical journal.  The 2014 rankings will uniquely include a new company ranking to accompany the drug rankings on clinical trial […]

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BEI update 1: Drug & company rankings, Times Square billboard & conference

BEI is returning to its roots and blogging again.  BEI started as a blog in 2005, called Ethics Illustrated. We’ll kick off our blogging with bi-weekly updates on our efforts.  This month, we’ve been: Finishing the clinical trial transparency rankings of drugs approved by the FDA in 2014 and large drug companies.  We held our bi-annual meeting with […]

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