Good Pharma Scorecard

We rank bio-pharmaceutical companies and new drugs on ethics and public health performance criteria, focusing on issues that are critical to patients.

The Good Pharma Scorecard ranks companies and new medicines on their clinical trial transparency and data-sharing performance, taking into account ethics and legal standards. Subsequent versions of the scorecard will also evaluate the integrity of clinical trial designs, the accessibility of medicines, drug marketing practices, and other ethics and human rights issues.

Clinical Trial Transparency and Data Sharing
Are Important Because:

Transparency is key to protecting and respecting research participants and  users of medicines and vaccines

Evidenced based medicine requires all evidence to be in the public domain

Being able to learn from what other scientists have already done- both accomplishments and failures- stimulates innovation and ultimately the delivery of lifesaving results.

Transparency is key to maximizing the value of generated trial data and people’s participation in trials

Opacity can drive up costs of research and care

Transparency and data-sharing enable validation and replication of study findings


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# 1 Bristol-Myers Squibb
Ranked #1 Clinical Trial Transparency 2015
# 1 GSK
Ranked #1 Clinical Trial Transparency 2015
# 1 Johnson & Johnson / Janssen
Ranked #1 Clinical Trial Transparency 2015
# 1 Novartis
Ranked #1 Clinical Trial Transparency 2015
# 5 Pfizer
Ranked Top 5 Clinical Trial Transparency 2015
88% Median Median score

Median: 88%

# 6 Gilead
# 6 Merck
# 8 Sanofi
# 9 Bayer
# 10 Roche / Genentech

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