Roundtable: Bioethics, Social Responsibility + Health Equity in Pharma

This year’s roundtable (in its 14th year) will focus on metrics + strategies for advancing bioethics, patient-centricity + health equity across the bio-pharmaceutical sector and amplifying + connecting participants’ work in these areas. Discussions may inform agenda-setting + metrics development for the Good Pharma Scorecard. Sessions will begin w/ opening remarks + transition to open discussion.

When: September 15, 2023 8am-3pm

Where: E&Y NYC Offices

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———————————   Agenda   ———————————-

8-8:30am        Coffee + Registration

8:30-8:45        Welcome + Keynote. Yele Aluko, Chief Medical Officer, EY Americas

8:45-9am         Setting the Stage: Why we are here and what we hope to accomplish

  • Lauren Rogge, Principle, Climate Change and Sustainability, EY
  • Jennifer Miller, Co-Director, Program for Biomedical Ethics, Associate Professor, Yale School of Medicine; President, Bioethics International; Good Pharma Scorecard

9-10:30            Clinical Trial Diversity

This session will discuss metrics and strategies for advancing diversity and inclusion in clinical research and what we can + should hope to see by 2025. We will start with catalyst speakers + move to open discussion with all roundtable participants.

  • Moderator: Jennifer Miller, Co-Director, Program for Biomedical Ethics, Associate Professor, Yale; Founder, Bioethics International, Good Pharma Scorecard
  • Judy Ngang, Executive Director, Representation in Clinical Research, Amgen
  • Sandra Amaro, Head of Clinical Trial Diversity, Pfizer
  • Yasmeen Long, Faster Cures
  • Brittany Gerald, Clinical Trial Diversity and Inclusion, Moderna
  • Maria Apostolaros, Deputy VP, Science and Regulatory Advocacy, PhRMA
  • Martin Mendoza, Director, Health Equity for the All of Us Research Program, NIH
  • Salman Shah, R&D Leader, EY
  • Lorena Kuri, Head, Diversity Strategy, BMS
  • Meghan McKenzie, Principal, Patient Inclusion & Health Equity, Genentech
  • Ashley, Citeline

10:30-11:30    Health Equity + the Role of Pharma

This panel will discuss strategies of pharmaceutical leaders in advancing health equity for US patients, metrics for benchmarking success, and what we can/should hope to see by 2025.

  • Moderator: Yele Aluko, Chief Medical Officer, EY Americas
  • Cassandra Smith, Advocacy Relations Director, Amgen
  • Amrit Ray, Hastings Center, Board Member; Life Sciences Corporate Board Director; Former Global President, R&D and Medical, Pfizer
  • Marisa Greenwald, Healthcare Strategy Leader, EY Parthenon
  • Pierre Theodore, Executive Director of Health Equity and Patient Inclusion, Roche

11:30-12pm    The Bioethics Leadership Forum

  • Missy Heidelberg, Global Bioethics Lead, Takeda
  • Marc Wilenzick, Associate General Counsel, Gilead
  • David Leventhal, Enterprise Clinical Trial Data Sharing Lead, Pfizer
  • Jessica Scott, CEO, Legacy Health
  • Kim Sabelko, Susan G. Komen Foundation

12-12:15         Break + grab lunch for working lunch

12:15-1            Global Health Equity: Priority setting in research agendas + access to medicines

  • Moderator Rob Scott, former CMO, AbbVie
  • Leo Russo, Head of Global Medical Epidemiology, Pfizer
  • Lauren Puffer, Director of Sustainability Banking / ESG, Cowen
  • Muna Tuna, Partner, Market Access, Pricing and Reimbursement, EY
  • Carmen Villar, VP Social Business Innovation, ESG, Global Impact Giving, and Enterprise Health Equity, Merck
  • Tania Small, VP Global Medical Oncology, Chair, R&D Leadership Team DEI Council, GSK

1-1:45pm        Patient Engagement + Return of Value to Participants in Trials: Metrics for success

The importance of patient engagement + patient focused drug development have received a lot of attention over the decades, yet metrics for success remain undefined. We will discuss where Pharma is today on engaging patients and building real patient-centric business models, what’s missing, and how we measure and track progress.

  • Moderator: Martin Mendoza, Director, Health Equity, All of Us Research, NIH
  • Melissa Penn, Director Patient Engagement R&D, Bayer
  • Cynthia Grossman, Head, Real-world Research Networks and Pioneering Personalized & Digital Medicine in Neuroscience, Biogen
  • Wendy Erler, Global Head Patient Experience, Patient Advocacy & Patient and Caregiver Insights, AstraZeneca
  • Rachael Eckles, Senior Director, Public Policy and Oncology Policy, BMS
  • David Leventhal, Enterprise Clinical Trial Data Sharing Lead, Pfizer


1:45-2:15        ESG, Social Impact + Financial Considerations: Can companies do well by doing good?

This panel will explore investor expectations of reporting on the biopharma-specific social dimensions of ESG along with challenges associated with developing standardized metrics. This will also explore the role the Good Pharma Scorecard in driving consistency in reporting on social-responsibility issues in the biopharma innovation portfolio.

  • Moderator: Mohit Bhargava, Partner, EY
  • Byron Austin, Head, Corporate Responsibility and ESG Management, Organon
  • Jessica Daly, Director, ESG Strategy & Engagement, Merck

2:15-2:25        Circling Back: Next Steps for Participants as Agents of Change

2:25-2:55        Full Group Discussion: Priority Setting + Next Steps for Metrics Development

Full group discussion on key take-aways, next steps, and themes we want to translate into action and lean into over the next 12 months.

  • Moderator: Jeremy Abbate, Publisher, Scientific American

2:55-3pm        Closing Remarks

  • Jennifer Miller, Yale; Bioethics International; Good Pharma Scorecard
  • Yele Aluko, Chief Medical Officer, EY Americas
  • Lauren Rogge, Principle, Climate Change and Sustainability, EY

Hosts:  Bioethics International, EY, Yale Program for Biomedical Ethics

Sponsors: EY, Yale Program for Biomedical Ethics, Bioethics International, Citeline