BEI’s Bi-Annual Pharmaceutical Executive Roundtable, Ethics, Trust, and Transparency in the Pharmaceutical Industry


Encore, A Quintiles Company
Harvard Medical School
Bristol-Myers Squibb
Johnson & Johnson
Novo Nordisk



2:00-2:20pm  Welcome and Introductions

  • Opening Remarks: David Korn, Stuart Buck, Briggs Morrison
  • Welcome: Jennifer E. Miller
  • Everyone: Who you are, why you are here, what you hope to gain from participating


2:20-2:35        Background and Introduction to the Good Pharma Scorecard (GPS)

  • The state of ethics and trust in the industry and whether an index could help
  • Why and how we developed the GPS index and its standards


2:35-2:50        Piloting the GPS: Review of the 2012 pilot rankings

  • GPS Pilot: Ethics (all trials) transparency rankings
  • GPS Pilot: Legal FDAAA compliance rankings


2:50-3:45        Discussion:  How did the 2012 Pilot go? 

  • What should we repeat and what should we change or add for next time?
  • Overall reception of project: internally and externally and tone of media coverage
  • Feedback and summary of lessons learned


3:45-4:00        Break (Coffee and Refreshments)


4:00-4:15        Draft GPS 2014

  • How does GPS 2014 compare with the 2012 pilot? What is new/different?
  • Discussion on draft rankings: Methods and blinded results**
  • Next steps and open discussion and brainstorming


4:15-4:45        Narratives and Root Causes

  • Why do the ratings look like they do? What systems, policies, and practices helped or hindered products in scoring well in the pilot rankings? What systems, policies, and practices would help improve things?


4:45-5:05        GPS 2015: Draft data-sharing standards

  • Introductory comments: Joseph Ross
  • Discuss draft data-sharing standards, what they are and how the draft was first developed
  • Feedback and brainstorming on next steps


5:05-5:35        Big Picture and Next Steps: Brainstorming and open discussion

  • Index and grant timelines
  • Process for reviewing, validating and releasing 2014 GPS
  • Multi-stakeholder advisory group: Comments: Peter Pitts


5:35-5:45        Wrap Up:  Summary of discussed next steps, tasks, and action items


5:45-6pm        Concluding Remarks

  • Everyone: Concluding remarks
  • Thank you and closing comments: Joe Ross, Marc Wilenzick, and Jennifer E. Miller