What Does It Mean to be an Ethical & Purpose Driven Corporation, generally, and for Pharma?

In partnership with Ernst & Young and Scientific American, Bioethics International is organizing a conference on what it means to be a purpose driven and ethical corporation– in general, and specifically for pharmaceutical comanies.

May 4, 2018, 8:30am-2pm, New York, NY

8:30am              Breakfast & Registration

9:00am              Welcome and Opening Remarks by Conference Chairs

9:15am              What Does It Mean to be an Ethical and Purpose Driven Corporation?  Featured speaker: Fisk Johnson, Chairman and Chief Executive, S. C. Johnson & Son Inc.

9:55am           Pharma Industry Perspectives: What Does It Mean to be a Bioethical and Trustworthy Pharma Company? This panel will discuss the purpose of the pharmaceutical sector, its role in advancing patient and global public health, and what it means to be ethical, patient-centered, and trustworthy, from the industry perspective. We will also explore both challenges to operationalizing better ethics and ethical best practices companies are implementing individually or through partnerships with regulators, trade associations, nonprofits and the like. Featured speakers: Briggs Morrison, CEO, Syntax and  Joanne Waldstreicher, CMO, J&J

10:35am           Break and Keynote 1

11:00am           Patient and the public Voice: Patients give companies their ethics wish-list, working towards a patient bill of rights.  Currently only 10% of Americans trust pharmaceutical companies are honest and ethical; over 90% think they put profits before people. What is driving the high levels of distrust? What are patients’ specific ethics concerns? What impact does distrust in the industry have on patients and population health? If patients could give companies an ethics wish-list or patient bill of rights, what would be on it? Conference participants will also be given a chance to weigh in during this brainstorming session. Featured speakers: Richard Wilder, Gates Foundation and Allison Moore, CEO Hereditary Neuropathy Foundation. ***Audience participation period***

11:40am          Physician, Regulatory and Academic Perspectives: What Does It Mean to be a Bioethical and Trustworthy Pharma Company?

12:10pm    What are Investors and other Industries Doing to Tackle big Ethics challenges? What can the Pharma Industry Learn from other Sectors? Featured speaker: David Ewing Duncan, CEO and Curator of Arc Fusion, Chief correspondent for NPR Talk’s Biotech Nation

12:40-1:40pm            Lunch, Keynote and Awards Ceremony

  • Bioethics Genius Prize
  • Good Pharma Scorecard Awards for clinical trial Transparency (2015 & 2017 top scorers)
  • Keynote:  John Arnold, Co-Founder, John and Laura Arnold Foundation

1:40-2:00pm              Next Steps and Closing Remarks:  Where might we go from here? What did we learn? What are the possibilities for the future?


Conference & Awards Organizing Committee:

Jennifer Miller (BEI, NYU), Lauren Rogge (Ernst & Young), Antoinette Lagerwij (EY), Jeremy Abbate (Scientific American), Marc Wilenzick, Evan Greenfield, Peter Pitts, Joe Ross, and Michelle Mello