Expanded Access, interns, and working w patient groups

Bioethics International’s top 5 accomplishments this week; we…

  1. …began inviting patient groups to our Patient Roundtable on ethics, trustworthiness and patient-centeredness in pharma to be held in October at the Harvard Club.
  2. …formed and convened our 2018 multi multistakeholder conference planning committee, which includes representatives from Ernst and Young and Scientific American.
  3. …published the results of our study in BMC on the characteristics of “expanded access” and “compassionate use” programs and the percentage of drugs provided through these programs that ultimately receive FDA approval.  Co-authors included Jennifer E. Miller, Arthur Caplan, Ken Moch, and Joseph Ross. See: https://bmcresnotes.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/s13104-017-2687-5
  4. …moved offices!  We are located back in the Graybar Building, where BEI was founded.
  5. …are training 4 new summer interns. Two started this week:  Acacia Sheppard and Skylar Iosepovici.  Acacia studied political science and chemistry at Mount Holyoke College and was a bioethics intern at the United Nations. Skylar is a student at Hastings High School with strong interests in public health.

Best, Jennifer Miller, Founder, Bioethics International