2014 GPS transparency rankings submitted to journal, data-sharing standards, new team members

Bioethics International’s top 5 accomplishments this week, include:

  1. Submitting our 2017 Good Pharma Scorecard (GPS) rankings for review by a medical journal.  The 2017 rankings include a new company ranking to accompany the drug rankings on clinical trial transparency.  We also significantly expanded and refined our methodology since the Harvard Pilot (published in November of 2015  in BMJ Open), adding over 35 new data sources.
  2. Reaching out to drug companies about the forthcoming 2018 GPS rankings, to validate data.
  3. Revising our new trial data-sharing standards, based on industry feedback (non-industry feedback has already been incorporated).
  4. Welcoming new team member, Evan Greenfield, a graduate of Harvard Business School and former Deutsche Bank employee.  Evan specializes in ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) and social impact investing.
  5. Kicking off our summer internship program. We are hosting 4 student interns: (1) Nikha In-Amkha, (2) Skylar Iosepovici, (3) Zoe Davidson, and (4) Acacia Sheppard. Nikha is a junior majoring in philosophy with a concentration in entrepreneurship and computer science at Washington & Jefferson College.  More on the other interns in subsequent posts.

Lots more is underway… 

Best, Jennifer E. Miller, PhD, Founder BEI